Types of Supply Chain Management Software: An Ultimate Guide

Types of Supply Chain Management Software

The supply chain management software resolves the complexities that may lead to thousands of dollars of losses. The supply chain is an important part of the operational process, and coordinating the various departments of an organization is a must. The various supply chain management software types optimize the complexities and help with real-time tracking. Supply chain management tools mitigate the risks and reduce manual errors.

DHL launched the supply chain solutions in collaboration with its AI-driven digital fulfillment provider partner, Blue Yonder. The logistics and supply chain management leader, DHL, launched the latest ‘plug and play’ robotics platform by collaborating with Microsoft. It helps reduce the integration time and onboard the latest automation devices into the warehouses.

This type of supply chain management system provides flexibility to DHL’s end customers to select the robotics system according to their business requirements. This automated supply chain management solution influences the cloud platform and Microsoft Azure IoT solutions. There are 2000+ operational sites in the DHL supply chain, so the work becomes quite complex, costly, and time-consuming. The integration of supply chain management software and robots is helping supply chain systems run seamlessly.

DHL implemented the first-of-its-kind automated logistics management solutions on the new platform in the Madrid region. It includes the ‘6 River System’, showing an almost 60% reduction in integration time. The warehouse and supply chain management improved by 90%. This modern supply chain management software has reduced the complexity and accelerated the management of the supply chain.

The Blue Yonder Luminate Platform powers the SCM software and robotics platforms. It has the ML and AI-driven capabilities to augment the highest level of operational efficiency in the supply chain and warehouse management. It has helped DHL respond quickly to changing customer needs. This software will digitize warehouse facilities to check the movement of products. It will help the company achieve operational excellence.

Source: DHL

Statistical Analysis of Different Types of Supply Chain Management Software

Companies use different types of supply chain management software to reach customers efficiently. The global supply chain management software market is around $14.3 billion and is expected to rise to $35.3 billion by 2032. The CAGR growth rate will be 9.7% between 2023 and 2032. Supply chain management applications promote operational efficiency, reduce costs, and address key challenges of supply chain management. 

supply chain software market

(Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/supply-chain-management-software-market-124300724.html)

According to Statista, the global supply chain market will have a revenue of around $31 billion by 2026. SAP from Germany is the leading provider of supply chain management (SCM) solutions. They made a revenue of around $4.4 billion in 2020. 

86% of the companies are investing more in supply chain technology and varied types of supply chain management software. 35% are still in the process of adopting the software. 7% of the companies are digitally upskilling, and two-thirds are digitizing and upskilling their employees.

Most companies are using supply chain management systems that integrate AI technology. It helps reduce the errors from 20% to 50%. AI can help reduce the warehousing cost by 5% and administration cost by 40%. AI technology can automate the whole manual process by 50%. 

Best 10 Types of Supply Chain Management Software

Let’s have a look at a list of supply chain management software that is majorly used by organizations globally.

  1. Order Processing: This is one of the SCM software types that helps process, receive, and fulfill orders. This software is capable of order tracking, order fulfillment, invoice generation, and automated billing.
  2. Lean Inventory Software: Inventory management software tools help create the list of items a company needs on a particular date or time. If the projections are accurate, it can help the businesses to run effectively.
  3. Warehouse Management Software: Supply chain management companies use this software to manage their warehouse and distribution processes. The software optimizes the movement of products and transportation, further improving the business’s productivity.
  4. Transportation Management Software: It includes the truck dispatching software that automates the movement of the truck fleet. You can monitor where the vehicles are and their movement, schedule their activities daily, and sort out route-related difficulties.
  5. Shipping Optimization Software: This is one of the significant types of supply chain management (SCM) software that provides real-time updates about your cargo and the shipping of the products. Most shipping software can work over mobile devices to help businesses acknowledge when the customer’s product will be delivered.
  6. Supply Chain Planning Software: Using this planner software, you can plan your entire supply chain. It will help you devise proper supply chain management software solutions that will help optimize the whole supply chain process and let you make decisions in real-time. This software will improve the overall business productivity and reduce costs.
  7. Demand Forecasting Software: There are many SCM applications integrated with modern technologies, such as AI, ML, Big Data, etc., to provide you with demand forecasts of certain products. The app will focus on making predictions, carrying out labor planning, and properly managing inventory.
  8. Logistics Software: The logistics software development services help with continuous communication and tracking of the logistics to catch the issues without slowing down the inventory movement. The logistics tool also makes the whole initiative sustainable and helps track the carbon footprints of the company’s transportation.
  9. ERP Software: The Enterprise Resource Planning software manages the whole business, integrating the supply chain and automating the process. This digital transformation system helps manage the supply chain management software cost, further improving the company’s finances.
  10. Security Software: It is an important part of the supply chain management tools list that helps prevent security breaches. The security software in supply chain management provides security to the movement of products, customers’ data, and the company’s logistics risks. 

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