Key Disruptive HealthTech Industry Trends to Know

Disruptive Healthtech Industry Trends

InMed Prognostics is an Indian HealthTech startup that provides a cloud-based clinical decision support tool called NeuroShield – neural network-based predictive analytics for a range of neurodegenerative disorders. By entering medical imaging data, the solution assists physicians in diagnosing and proactively managing patients. By using data analytics and deep learning technology, they create a biomarker algorithm for multiple neurological disorders, beginning with pediatric epilepsy and dementia.

Augmedics is a HealthTech startup that is creating the xvision system, one of the most high-tech healthcare software solutions to project a 3D model of a CT-scan onto a patient during spine surgery. It offers doctors an X-ray vision and improves the precision of surgical procedures. The solution comes with a personalized headset that has high-speed processors, an AR display, and an in-built surgery monitoring interface. 

Spanish HealthTech Medicsen offers a smart patch for non-invasive medicine delivery systems for diabetic patients. The patch is supervised by their learning algorithms or activated manually by the patient. It offers easy access to a patient’s personalized health data. The forecasted glucose levels help in offering only the needed amount of insulin regularly.

HealthTech Industry Trends: a Statistical Overview 

Spending on IoMT, or the Internet of Medical Things, will reach $534.3 billion in 2025 at an annual growth rate of 19.9%. The increasing demand for IoT integration in healthcare solutions is suggested to be the primary force behind this expansion.

32% of users who buy wearable technology utilize it for health and clinical reasons, including fitness purposes. 24% say that they wear the gadgets because it’s an innovative technology.

The virtual reality and augmented reality healthcare market was around $2.14 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $11.14 billion by 2025. The increasing use of AR and VR in medical imaging and diagnosis is the primary reason for this growth. 

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Key HealthTech Trends to Know

Healthcare technology is witnessing tremendous advancements. It has become one of the most invested areas in the field of technology. HealthTech opens up newer avenues for healthcare professionals to deliver care and improve outcomes.

Such growth comes with new innovations. Technology is making rapid advancements as healthcare finds newer ways to use the latest inventions, like the ones that Tntra HealthTech offers. Let us look at some of the key trends that are driving the healthtech industry.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
    Medical imaging and diagnosis are the key use cases of augmented and virtual reality offered by any software product engineering company. Advancements in AR and VR enable healthcare professionals to map out critical areas of illness or injury in the patient. It enables interaction with real and virtual objects, assists with surgery, and empowers doctors through a digital vision of the patient’s physical circumstances.
  • Internet of Medical Things
    Real-time and detailed data can save a patient’s life. It enables quicker decision-making and treatment initiatives at the right time. With real-time data, patient behavior changes. On the other end of the spectrum, healthcare professionals receive notifications easily when an anomaly occurs in the patient’s health. IoMT healthcare app development solutions allow proper tracking of treatment and enable doctors to follow through with the procedure accurately and precisely.
  • Big Data and Analytics
    One of the biggest healthcare industry trends is Big Data and Analytics. Data allows users to make decisions in real-time. Manual processing of data leads to losing valuable time that could be spent on treating patients. AI-based predictive analytics tools and big data allow doctors to make key decisions in real time and focus on what’s important. Accurate treatment plans and timely services are major benefits of data analytics.


The HealthTech industry is going through a rapid transformation. Today, professional clinicians, doctors, and healthcare facilities opt for technological advancements that can make their jobs easier. From telehealth to data analytics, all software product engineering services and innovations contribute greatly to simplifying healthtech. The above 3 key trends shape the healthcare industry and will continue to prove effective in the long term for the benefit of patients and clinicians.

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